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David Cicilline

David Cicilline Announces That The Next Hearing Will Have Disturbing New Evidence

Rep. David Cicilline, a Democrat, said on Saturday that at the next committee hearings about January 6 Capitol Attack, "disturbing" new evidence would be...
Peter Phillips

Peter Phillips Attends Royal Derby With New Girlfriend Lindsay Wallace

After introducing his new partner to the Queen at Windsor Castle, Peter Phillips made his first formal public appearance with her at the Derby...
Joe Biden

Joe Biden Evacuated As An Aircraft Entered Restricted Airspace

According to the White House and the Secret Service, Joe Biden and the first lady were briefly evacuated after a tiny private jet entered...
Kellyanne Conway

Kellyanne Conway’s New Book Only Sells 25000 Copies

Kellyanne Conway, the former 2016 Donald Trump political director and longtime adviser, has sold 25,003 copies of her new biography since its release on...
Beto O Rourke

Beto O Rourke’s Outburst Is A Political Gain For Him

Several people of Uvalde, Texas, have spoken against Democratic nominee Beto O Rourke's effort to interrupt Gov. Greg Abbott's news conference on Wednesday. When...