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Asa Hutchinson

Asa Hutchinson Rues Vaccinations Turning “Political”!

Asa Hutchinson, Republican Governor of Arkansas lamented that the situation has turned into something very disappointing to accept. Asa Hutchinson said that politics have...

DOJ Not To Launch Investigation Into Nursing Home Deaths!

The DOJ, Justice Department has decided that it won't be launching a full civil rights inquiry into the nursing home deaths. The DOJ won't...
Arizona Senate

Arizona Senate Hailed By Trump For Audit, Slams Governor!

On Saturday, the Arizona Senate was hailed by Trump, Former President, the United States Of America for auditing the presidential election of 2020 in...
Andrew Cuomo

Andrew Cuomo Impeachment Investigation Leader Warns Of Repercussions Following Tweet!

The head of the impeachment investigation of the State Assembly of New York into Andrew Cuomo, Governor, warned of repercussions. The head of the...
'Just get the stupid shot': Unvaccinated mom who got Covid-19 speaks out

‘Just get the stupid shot’: Unvaccinated mom who got Covid-19 speaks out

After choosing not to get the Covid-19 vaccine, Ganeene Starling ended up in the ICU with coronavirus and was given a 20% chance of...