Tate Reeves Beats Brandon Presley In A Tight Race

Tate Reeves

Republican Governor Tate Reeves won again as he defeated Democrat challenger Brandon Presley in a closely contested race. It was an election that had piqued the interest of political pundits, as they expected a likely upset.

However, Tate Reeves succeeded in shutting out Presley. His winning margin was 52% to 46% won by the Democratic candidate. Gwendolyn Gray, an independent candidate, cornered around 2% of the votes. The Governor is likely to see a minor drop in his winning margin. There remained thousands of uncounted votes in Hinds County, the scene of major issues with the election process. Tate Reeves has served 2 previous terms as the lieutenant governor and 2 more as the state treasurer. His second and final term starts in January 2024.

Tate Reeves Terms Victory Tough But Sweet

Tate Reeves is the first candidate to win two terms as Governor of Mississippi and two more as lieutenant governor. At a party meet in Flowood, Reeves termed the victory as ‘sweet.’ He said that the Democrats led by President Joe Biden threw everything to ensure a win in Mississippi. But the state did not break or bend, he said. He said that Mississippi was not for sale.

Many of the Democratic candidate’s supporters left the watch party even before the official announcement. By 10:45 p.m., he finally conceded defeat to the Republicans. He stressed that though it was a setback, the Democrats would not lose hope.

Presley said that the campaign has thrown up issues that need to be further discussed by residents of Mississippi. He said that the efforts to highlight relevant issues had been worth the efforts during the campaign. President Trump endorsed Tate Reeves’ campaign on the airwaves. The video endorsement constantly played on television channels across Mississippi before the elections. Former Governor Haley Barbour said that Reeves had done a good job in his first term as governor.