Ted Cruz Stops Interview Rather Than Answers Questions

Ted Cruz
Ted Cruz

Senator Ted Cruz decided to walk off an interview with a British reporter on Wednesday after the latter had asked quite a tough question. This took place on Sky News when reporter Mark Stone decided to ask the pro-gun representative whether the shooting on Monday provide an opportunity to change quite a few of the gun laws.

Cruz, who has received much of his campaign contributions from gun lobbyists, stated that the reporter was simply politicizing the tragedy- and that this wasn’t the time or place to do so.  He also went on to dismiss most of the previous suggestions that could curb gun violence. 

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Speaking about the plans of the Democrats, Ted Cruz mentioned that if they had followed the plan that the Democrats had in place, they would still not be able to deal with the tragedy. This is when Mark Stone decided to ask a much more poignant question. He asked Cruz what it was that made America the only country that had 288 school shootings between 2009 and 2018- almost 280 more than the next country- Mexico.

Cruz became quite furious at this question and focused more on the term American exceptionalism- rather than on answering the question. He informed Mark that the latter had his political agenda set in stone. 

Nevertheless, this didn’t stop the reporter from asking Ted Cruz why he believed that guns were not the problem in this situation. After all, this was simply an American problem. When Cruz started walking away, Stone chided the Senator for not being able to answer simple questions. 

Later, Ted Cruz went on to accuse Mark Stone of not appreciating the United States. He stated that the reason why most people came to the United States was that it was the most prosperous, and the safest country on this planet. Interestingly, one of the solutions that he offered was fewer doorways and more guns. One could assume Cruz was talking more about increasing school shootings and not decreasing them.

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