The Delicious Downfall Of Rick Wilson

Rick Wilson was a little known Republican operative before 2016. A little known operative with mountains of crushing debt. A guy eager for a reinvention to rescue his career.

Wilson hitched himself to Trump as Trump began his meteoric rise to the top of the GOP. Wilson didn’t take the route of some opportunists and become Trump’s number one fan, instead Wilson sought to reinvent himself as Trump’s number one critic.

And to Wilson’s credit, it worked.

Rick Wilson Reinvents Himself

The Rick Wilson reinvent made him a NeverTrump star.

Wilson carved out a lucrative space in the left-wing media. He’s the guy prepared to say any such thing – regardless of how vile or how baseless – to try to damage Trump. Wilson’s schtick – half wannabe Andrew Dice Clay, half Krassenstein brothers tin foil hattery – became a fixture on MSNBC and CNN.

Every time Wilson’s schtick crossed the line – like when he demeaned Trump supporters as “boomer rubes” on Don Lemon’s show – Wilson’s retort has been to declare that his critics are acting in bad faith and that Trump and his supporters simply don’t like anyone who punches right back.

It’s worth noting that Wilson apparently doesn’t like anybody who punches back either. Since he could be famously quick to block anyone on social media who disagrees with him (myself included).

Liberal Media Indulges Wilson

No matter how any times Wilson spun baseless conspiracy theories and no matter how many times he tossed around vulgar insults, the left-wing media would continue steadily to indulge him.

Then this week happened. In the midst of the fallout from the death of George Floyd – and the ensuing protests and riots around the Black Lives Matter movement – The Lincoln Project, co-founded by Wilson, launched an incendiary attack on Trump with an ad claiming Trump was the “second President of the Confederacy.”

The liberal media lapped up the ad – giving it millions in free air time. Of course that further lined the pockets of Wilson and company, whose Lincoln Project PAC has repeatedly been referred to as a “grift” and a “scam.”

The only problem for Wilson is that the true fan of the Confederacy and white nationalism isn’t President Trump. It’s Rick and his wife.

Caught In Web Of Deceit

Photos of Rick and his wife’s cooler – emblazoned with a huge Confederate battle flag and the phrase “THE SOUTH WILL RISE AGAIN” – emerged on social networking. Wilson initially deleted the picture from social media. Then, that he claimed it absolutely was fake. Unfortunately for Wilson, more photos of the racist cooler emerged from his wife’s social media.

Rick’s wife’s social networking turned out to be a treasure trove of racist, xenophobic and homophobic garbage – every one of the things that Rick and his NeverTrump cohorts falsely accuse President Trump of being guilty of.

The inherent danger in Rick’s high wire live-by-the-sword, die-by-the-sword routine was always that he would eventually toss a loaded grenade that will blow up in his face. We have always known that Wilson was every thing he claimed to hate about Trump – a petty, vicious, thin-skinned vulgarian.

The left-wing media has always been prepared to overlook Wilson’s hypocrisy. They view him as a useful idiot within their never-ending campaign to destroy President Trump.

Will The Left-Wing Media Overlook This?

In today’s racially charged environment, as Confederate statues are toppled and every symbol of the Confederacy is being scrubbed from the country, will the left-wing media be prepared to overlook this grossest of Wilson’s hypocrisies?

If Gone with the Wind and Aunt Jemima deserve to be cancelled, shouldn’t Wilson?

One thing is absolutely certain, Wilson’s implosion has been delicious to view. Pull up a seat on social networking and grab the popcorn – cancel culture may finally do us a favor.

Christopher Barron, The Political Insider, Politics, Op-ed, FOX Business, The Hill, Headline News, FOX contributor