The difficulties in making Red Bull Ring safer for MotoGP

The pair collided at the fast Turn 2 kink under braking for the uphill Turn 3 right-hander, with Zarco moving off-line and leaving Morbidelli with nowhere to go but into to the back of the Avintia Ducati at close to 200mph.

Zarco’s bike slammed into the air fence on the outside of Turn 3 and vaulted into the air, with the bike close to hitting Maverick Vinales’ head.

At the same moment, Morbidelli’s errant Petronas Yamaha slid straight up the track and only narrowly avoided wiping out Vinales and Valentino Rossi.

In response to two MotoGP bikes becoming essentially multi-million dollar bowling balls, MotoGP has moved to make safety changes at Turn 3 to at least not tempt fate again.

The barrier Zarco’s bike hit has now being extended further round the edge of the track at the top of the hill.

Over the past week, social media has been awash with comments on the nature of that section of track, with many questioning why only now a barrier is being put between riders at Turn 3 and potential disaster coming up the hill.

Footage of the 2002 crash during the Formula 1 Austrian Grand Prix when the track was known as the A1 Ring, in which Nick Heidfeld dropped his Sauber under braking for what was then Turn 2 and torpedoing Takuma Sato’s Jordan.

Both incidents are strikingly similar, from where…

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