The future Santiago Bernabeau stadium set to take the world by storm

Real Madrid’s target for the future isn’t really players alone, but a whole club refurbishment that could cause a stir across the world.

The club plans to restart its dominance in the world scene after seeing themselves falling off the drain.

The future of the Santiago Bernabeau stadium has been projected in a way that, even the most beautiful stadium in the world will have question marks hovering around.

Technology remains the key introduction to the stadium.

 The new stadium would have a roof made up of coated iron, totally covering the whole stadium, preventing sunlight, hails or any other natural occurrence from hitting the pitch.

 The roof would be controlled either manually or automatically configured devices.

 The roof will be designed in such a way that, a drainage system will be in place to empty rain droplets.

 The roof is further resistive to corrosion and anti fungi element.

 These and another projection circle the new look of the Santiago Bernabeau stadium. Once completed, it could become the most sought out.

 Real Madrid’s next approach to football would be massive both in player investment and upgrade in infrastructure which would take them to the next level.

The club is geared up for the future.
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