The New World of Live Events: Learning in a Pandemic with VR

Learning in a Pandemic with VR

A Live Event Case Study

Do you depend on live events to deliver learning experiences? When Zoom won’t cut it, and cancellations seem inevitable, think again!

Michael Getz, President of Illumina Interactive Learning, will demonstrate how an on-site healthcare convention for the Center for Information & Study on Clinical Research Participation (CISCRP) was transformed into an engaging virtual experience when their AWARE for All – Chicago event was initially canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Using CenarioVR, Illumina created a virtual alternative that felt REAL and earned high marks from exhibitors and attendees alike. In fact, the virtual solution was so successful that it drove an increase in exhibitor signups for the next virtual AWARE for All event, originally planned to be in-person in Philadelphia.

Plus, immediately following the Illumina case study, John Blackmon, CTO of eLearning Brothers, will demonstrate how to make immersive learning feel even more “touchable” by using CenarioVR’s latest 3D objects features.

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