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Jeffrey Epstein had the perfect profile for New York high society to hug him without asking questions. He earned a reputation as a successful financier, committed philanthropist, and thinker. This is how former President Bill Clinton or Prince Andrew of England saw him. He made money work and in this way he established a powerful circle of connections that protected his pedophile plot, looking away.

Epstein was found dead in his cell on August 10. The coroner determined that he hanged himself. He was alone and the guards watching him did not check his condition for eight hours. After the suicide, the investigation focused on identifying the accomplices who helped him recruit dozens of minors whom he abused at his mansion on the Upper East Side of New York.

Not a few people see in his death a convenient incident with which he took his secrets to the grave. The first name that emerges is that of Ghislaine Maxwell, as alleged Madame. British magnate Robert Maxwell’s daughter dated the financier shortly after moving to New York nearly two decades ago. Court documents allege that, after breaking the relationship, he began to recruit young men to satiate their sexual appetite.

In the plot, based on the count made by the researchers, Nadia Marcinkova is quoted. The former Yugoslav model lived with the financier and participated in orgies. Sarah Kellen, Adriana Ross and Lesley Groff are also mentioned as personal assistants. None of the four women was charged by prosecutors.

New York Southern District Attorney Geoffrey Berman announces the charges against Jeffery Epstein in July.

New York Southern District Attorney Geoffrey Berman announces the charges against Jeffery Epstein in July. Getty Images

Neither did Ghislaine Maxwell. It was she who introduced him to the Duke of York. The two became good friends. It was not the only connection he had with British royalty. The list includes Sarah Ferguson, then Prince Andrew’s wife, and Charles Althorp, Princess Diana’s brother. All three names appear in his personal diary and in the flight log of the Lolita Express, his private plane.

Epstein was polite and charismatic. He used to throw parties for politicians, businessmen, and celebrities at his mansions in Manhattan, Palm Beach, and New Mexico. To test his influence, he exhibited photos of figures such as Woody Allen, Naomi Campbell, and Jean-Luc Brunel. He even held scientific conferences on his private island in the Caribbean, attended by personalities such as Stephen Hawking.

Jeffrey Epstein owed his fortune to Les Wexner, the boss of the group that controls Victoria’s Secret and Pink. The businessman entrusted him with all his assets. The mansion where he lived, the scene of abuse, previously belonged to the fashion magnate and he transferred the property to him in 2011 without having to pay a dollar. Wexner ended up breaking ties with Epstein over a decade ago.

His taste for teenage girls was an open secret for years in New York. He used to appear before his guests accompanied by three or four young men who seemed to be within the tolerable age limit. Donald Trump went on to say “he is someone with whom you have a lot of fun” and who liked beautiful women as much as he did.

The last to report the abuse is Mary Doe. He says that the financier spoke of his friends to intimidate them. “He took my sexual innocence from me in front of a wall full of framed photographs of him smiling and shaking hands with celebrities and political leaders,” he says. He promised that she would use her connections to help him make his way as a model and study at Harvard.

But no one asked questions. Jeffrey Epstein had the cunning to build relationships with people who gave him credibility, like Dr. Eva Andersson-Dubin. Bill Clinton used his private plane multiple times. Actor Kevin Spacey and comedian Chris Tucker were also part of that tight circle, to the point that they traveled together through Africa for a project by the Clinton Foundation.

The Trump and Clinton milieu was quick to say after his arrest last July that he had not spoken or seen Epstein in over a decade. The justification coincides with the time he was convicted of prostituting a minor. The convicted pedophile, after his first release from prison, managed to erase the idea that he was a sexual predator and his reputation, in fact, seemed to be on the rise upon his return to New York.

Although he used to be discreet about his friendships, he bragged about his relationship with Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman, acted as facilitator for Bill Gates’ donations to the MIT Media Lab, and proclaimed that he advised Elon Musk when he struggled over his tweets. But despite describing himself as a billionaire, he never lived up to the people he rubbed shoulders with and the money he donated belonged to others.

Ghislaine Maxwell’s attorneys are now trying to stop documents from being published in a libel suit citing hundreds of Epstein-related names. Meanwhile, the victims ask those who crossed paths in the life of the pedophile to cooperate in order to reveal the secrets that they took to the grave and thus be able to clarify responsibilities among their most immediate collaborators.

Prince Andrew speaks in a BBC interview about Epstein.


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