The races that could fit Red Bull’s ‘invitational’ F1 GP idea

While regular venues like Monza, Silverstone and Spa have continued to hold races, so too are we seeing some firsts like Mugello or the return of old favourites like Turkey and the Nurburgring.

The success of last weekend’s Tuscan Grand Prix has highlighted how F1 could be injected with a freshness if there are new events put on the calendar, rather than the sport just repeating the same schedule year after year.

Red Bull team boss Christian Horner is one who thinks that F1 should learn from the enthusiasm that the new calendar has delivered from teams and fans – and has even suggested a regular ‘invitational’ slot in the future.

It is great that F1 are going to these different venues and we have some more coming up in Istanbul and Imola,” said Horner, reflecting on the Mugello weekend.

It keeps up the competition for a place for one of the 22 slots on the calendar and I think it would be good to have some sort of invitation race once a year to take in these different tracks.”

It is a view that Williams driver George Russell agreed with too, as he reckoned everyone in F1 would benefit from some different challenges each year.

It is a great job to F1 to give us that opportunity,” he said of the chance to race in new places like Mugello. “Maybe we need to do this more often,…

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