TikTok Order Issued By Trump, Revoked By President Biden As He Issues New Order!

TikTok order

On Thursday, President Biden revoked the TikTok order issued by the administration of Donald Trump. Along with the Tiktok order, President Biden also successfully revoked almost all the executive orders issued by the administration of Donald Trump targeting Chinese apps like WeChat, TikTok, and others! He also replaced these orders with executive orders addressing all those applications linked to their foreign adversaries, which also includes China. 

Lots Of Things Mentioned In The Executive Order Including The TikTok Order!

According to a news release of the White House, this order of Thursday is mainly aiming at the protection of the personal data of Americans. These orders, apart from revoking the TikTok order, also order the Department of Commerce to develop certain criteria or threshold that will be used for assessing all the potential risks related to national security.

However, these risks should be associated with applications that are primarily managed, controlled, or owned by persons supporting the intelligence activities or military of foreign adversaries. These persons can also be involved in cyber activities, being malicious in nature, or involve apps that are responsible for collecting the sensitive data of Americans. This order was confirmed by the Wall Journal. 

There are a lot of things mentioned in these orders apart from the TikTok order. It is very much clear that the administration of Joe Biden also shares a significant portion of the concerns relating to national security much like the administration of Donald Trump. Their concerns have one thing in common.

They are related to mobile apps made by Chinese people. Biden has however withdrawn the orders targeting specific individual companies. This also includes the TikTok order! Policymakers of Washington were concerned last year about Chinese app makers being forced to hand them the personal information of their customers by Beijing. Some lawmakers in the US think that China can spread disinformation through apps like TikTok.