Tom Aspinall Is Britain’s Third UFC Champ After Dropping Pavlovich

Tom Aspinall

Tom Aspinall was the interim heavyweight title of night flooring Sergei Pavlovich in the 1st round in New York City at UFC 295. On Saturday he had the opportunity of winning the belt, and he capitalized on it.

The main event at the UFC 295 was originally scheduled between Jon Jones, who won the heavyweight title against another divisional great Stipe Miocic. But Jones suffered an injury in training and the bout had to be cancelled. Jones is set to face around 8 months out of the ring. The UFC pitted Pavlovich against Tom Aspinall to bring in a provisional champion. It was finally Aspinall who triumphed at Madison Square Garden.

Tom Aspinall Admits It Was Scary At First To Take On The Big Russian

Tom Aspinall admitted he was ‘scared’ ahead of the bout with Pavlovich. But he managed to catch the Russian with 2 clean rights in the 1st round, shaking Pavlovich with his first punch before flooring him with his second. The rising UFC star from Atherton followed up with multiple hammer fists to completely subdue Pavlovich. He sealed the win to become only the 3rd British UFC champion.

Tom Aspinall admitted that it had been a senseless couple of weeks. He admitted that he was scared of the big Russian but he believed in himself and had worked hard down the years for it. He said he believed he had the power in him. His advice to his fans was that they should not be put off by fear as there is always the chance that they can win if they can overcome it.

It remains undecided whether Aspinall will take on Jones next or even, it will be Jones versus Miocic eight months from now. In such a case Tom Aspinall will have to defend his interim title during the interval. Tom Aspinall versus Pavlovich was one of the two main events of the latest edition of UFC. In the other fight, Alex Pereira beat Czech Jiri Prochazka to win the unoccupied light-heavyweight slot.