Travis Scott Has Been Sued For $750 Million

Travis Scott
Travis Scott

Currently, there have been close to 300 people who have been suing Travis Scott in the wake of the disaster that shook the Astroworld Festival. The death toll currently stands at around 10, 13 days after the tragedy on the 5th of November, while hundreds of concertgoers were injured following the stampede during his performance. More lawsuits would be coming in the next few days.

Along with Scott, Drake was also named in a new lawsuit of $750 million on behalf of 125 victims, which include the family of Axel Acosta- a 21-year-old man who died from his injuries which he sustained at the concert. People magazine recently obtained a copy of the complaint in which Tony Buzbee, the attorney, stated that the death was the result of utter negligence.

Travis Scott has been Subject To Several Lawsuits

Sources close to Travis Scott maintained that the rapper had no clue about the mass casualty situation that took place at his performance. The complaint states that Axel Acosta loved and adored Travis Scott and the other performers performing at Astroworld, but unfortunately, Scott didn’t reciprocate that sentiment. The complaint also dragged his exclusive partners, record labels, streaming service, handlers, managers, entourage agents, hangers-on, organizers, promoters, or sponsors in the lawsuit- for it stated that if they cared enough, maybe Acosta would have survived. 

This seems to be the latest lawsuit in a string of complaints labeled against Travis Scott. Ben Crump, a prominent civil rights attorney, went on to file a lawsuit on behalf of 90 plaintiffs who went on to attend the festival- claiming they are suffering physically, mentally, and psychologically. 

Although Travis Scott has stayed out of the radar since the tragedy, he will soon come to the spotlight.

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