Trump, Biden build legal armies for electoral battlefield

President Donald Trump and Democratic Presidential Nominee Joe Biden have put together an army of attorneys on both sides for what might be one of the most litigated election seasons in US history.

With only around 100 days left before the November 3rd election, the voting rules in key states like Texas and Florida will play an influential role in deciding the outcome of the Presidential race. 

Expanding mail-in voting in Texas, extending the deadlines of vote-by-mail in key Rust Belt states, restoration of the voting rights of up to one million Floridians with felony records are some of the lawsuits -along with multiple smaller scale feuds- that will determine the winner of the White House race.

The former Vice President has warned that Trump will “steal” the election and hence has recruited a network of lawyers to stand guard against election-related impropriety while the Trump campaign is arguing that the voter expansion system might open up the US election system to fraud. 

Marking the high stakes of legal fights happening this election year, in May the RNC doubled its budget to $20 million. Its initial commitment was $10 million before the global pandemic hit.


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