Trump postpones North Carolina rally due to wind

President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump arrive for a campaign rally outside Raymond James Stadium on October 29 in Tampa. Evan Vucci/AP

First lady Melania Trump gave remarks at her husband’s campaign rally in Tampa, Florida, today, touting some of the President’s accomplishments from his first term and echoing some of her husband’s campaign themes. 

“For those of you still deciding who to vote for on Tuesday, I hope what I have to say will prove to you that a vote for President Trump is a vote for a better America,” the first lady said in her first campaign event with the President in 2020.

“In a time when hate, negativity, and fear are the messages the media streams into our homes and the large tech companies are protecting political censorship, we need to remember what’s really important. My husband’s administration is focused on the future,” she added, not noting the irony that her husband’s Twitter account is often filled with messages of hate, negativity and fear mongering. 

She praised her husband’s ability to “black out the noise and focus on you, the American people.” 

The first lady discussed border security, peace deals in the Middle East, moving the US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, and what she described as Trump’s support for the men and women in uniform, all topics Trump routinely mentions in his campaign remarks. 

She also claimed, “health care for every citizen remains a priority for him, and as you have seen over these past years, he won’t stop until he gets it done.”

However, the administration is currently fighting to strike down the Affordable Care Act in court and they have yet to release a comprehensive health care plan to replace it.

The first lady also criticized those who are playing politics with a coronavirus vaccine.

“A vaccine is not a partisan issue. If you are not supporting the safe production of a vaccine, you’re not supporting the health and safety of the American people,” she said. “There is no room to play politics on this topic in the midst of [a] pandemic.”

Her remarks come at a political rally with no social distancing and few masks, going against all guidelines on how best to mitigate the spread of coronavirus, in the name of politics.

“On Tuesday, the direction of our country will take is in your own hands. I ask that you join us in continuing to put America first,” she concluded. “Together we will overcome this pandemic and continue building the brightest future for generations to come.”