Trump sets deadline for sale of TikTok operations in the US

Donald Trump has ordered ByteDance to divest TikTok within 90 days, in a move to protect US security that will put more pressure on the Chinese technology group to sell the short-video app to an American company.

Mr Trump also increased the pressure on the Chinese technology industry by ending a waiver that allowed certain US companies to continue selling to Huawei, the Chinese telecoms equipment maker, without a licence.

The dual moves marked the latest steps by the Trump administration to take a much tougher stance on what the White House says are growing economic and national security threats from the Chinese Communist party.

In his TikTok order, issued on Friday evening, Mr Trump said there was “credible evidence” that ByteDance might take action to hurt US security.

His move to order ByteDance to divest TikTok within 90 days followed a recommendation from the Committee on Foreign Investment in the US (Cfius), a government panel that vets foreign acquisitions of US companies.

The order came one week after he issued a separate directive banning US companies from dealing with TikTok unless ByteDance sold the app to an American group within 45 days. The latest move goes further by providing a hard deadline for ByteDance to sell its TikTok operations in the US.

Microsoft has

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