Video Marketing On Social Media

What Is Video Marketing?

Video marketing is the use of videos to reach out to an audience and convert them into customers. Video marketing is an efficient way of digital marketing with a high ROI, and the majority of marketers are shifting toward using video marketing in their strategies.

Videos are the favorite content of Gen Z, and the rise of video-based social media platforms, such as TikTok, is just one sign of it. Therefore, you also need to consider video marketing to grow your business.

Benefits Of Video Marketing

Here are several benefits of using video marketing in your strategies:

  • Conversion rates
    Conversion rates of video content are way higher compared to any other type of content.
  • Click-through rates in email marketing
    Emails that include a video get 300% higher click-through rates than those without videos.
  • Video shows the “behind the scenes”
    Video is the best content by which you can gain the trust of your audience as it can show the “behind the scenes.” Live videos are particularly the most transparent type of videos, especially among Gen Z.
  • Video increases social shares
    People are more likely to share video content compared to a text or picture.

Types Of Videos That Really Work

Now that you have become familiar with…

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