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How To Evaluate A VILT Vendor’s Proposal

The primary goal of RFPs is to get results and round up estimates from your shortlisted vendors to see who makes the cut. But what should you look for in virtual classroom training proposals? More importantly, are there any red flags you should be aware of to avoid buyer’s regret? The evaluation process is often daunting because there’s so much information to comb through, from cost breakdowns to detailed timelines. The secret is to formulate a game plan before the first proposal shows up in your inbox. Implement these 7 tips and techniques for a VILT proposal evaluation and make the best buying decision for your SMB.

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1. Schedule Proposal Evaluation Sessions With L&D Outstaffers

L&D and HR staffers, as well as training managers, must be involved in the decision-making process. They’ll work with the VILT company to some extent. Whether it’s collaborating with SMEs to sum up the key takeaways or working…

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