Washington to call itself ‘Washington Football Team’ temporarily and tweak uniform for 2020

Weeks and weeks of debate, and finally the NFL team from Washington decided to do away with its moniker. Quite recently they announced that the Washington Football Team would be called just that, effective immediately. And this is not a final name that they have hit upon- this is simply until they find a better name with which to rebrand themselves.

In addition to this, it has also been reported that while there will be no changes in the color pattern on the jerseys, the team logo would be removed. In its place, the player’s number will be emblazoned in gold. The team hopes that before the game against Philadelphia, they will able to completely retire the name from the physical as well as the digital sphere.

Interestingly, the Washington Football Team will be using this name for the entirety of the 2020 season, while asking their fans, the staff, the players to hit upon a name that will correctly describe the team. Also, fans will be able to buy Washington Football Team jerseys from merchandise stores.

Most players have already started editing out the name, and seem quite elated with the change.