What Is Knowledge Management? – eLearning Industry

Better Customer Service Training, Better CX

You’ve done it. In your search for information, you’ve stumbled upon the homepage of the internet. The one stop for all the information in the world on one solid page. Everything mankind has ever known, learned, or wondered is all here in this repository of information. Surely, your long search is at an end. Hours slip by and the sun takes its leave, the darkness of night bringing with it no light but the soft glare of your PC. Wearily, you click and scroll down pages positively bursting with information. Somewhere in this comprehensive virtual library lies buried the data you seek‚ but where? Every fact in the world, but nothing useful to you, and the website offers no extra help. Your clicking slows and your eyes close. You slump, and the soft rhythm of your snoring is the only noise to close out the night. You thought you had found all the answers, but all you truly found was a questionable UI and a truly frustrating Customer Experience. It isn’t your fault, you simply fell victim to bad knowledge management.

A dramatic introduction for sure, but let the terror of a bad CX not be understated. Studies show organizations have but a few avenues for building customer relationships. A…

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