What To Think About Before Starting An Online School

What To Think About Before Starting An Online School

Digital is the new normal for schools in a post-COVID world. Schools, colleges, universities are all taking classes online to keep up with the coursework virtually. If you are thinking about setting up your school online too, there are a few things you need to figure out first. Unlike an eCommerce website, building an eLearning platform is not a day’s work. If you are doing it, you have to think long term. Having worked with eLearning website development for a long time now, I see that most people struggle with where to start.

Should you think about which software to use? Should you think about the cost? Should you do the research on your own? Should you go to someone for advice?

So many questions!

Well, not that I want to add to your list, but here is a set of handy questions, which we ask someone who wants to build their own online school. So take a look, jot down the answers, and then you’ll have a good idea of what your online school will look like!

Let’s Delve Into The 10 Questions Right Away

1. What Are The Most Important Features You Need For The Online Version Of Your Institution?

The first and most important question—what do you need, want, and wish to have in your…

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