What’s So Great About Self-Directed Learners?

How To Build A Culture Of Self-Directed Learning

If you’re responsible for the learning and professional development in your company, then you know the frustration of employees who drag their feet and seem to resist every eLearning course you send their way. No matter how important the learning is, it feels like a never-ending struggle and your time is wasted hassling your colleagues with follow-up email after follow-up email. It doesn’t have to be that way! With a few key strategies, you can create a team of self-directed learners.

What’s So Great About Self-Directed Learners?

Self-directed learners are people who take charge of their learning journey. Not only do they seek out new learning opportunities, they also love to interact with content. A self-directed learner thrives on the chance to shape their journey, and hone in on both their interests and knowledge gaps.

Self-directed learners are motivated to initiate their own learning because they understand the intrinsic value of learning and upskilling. They don’t need ten emails from their HR department reminding them of the deadlines on their eLearning courses, because they’ve already finished. Already, they’re saving time and mental load for others.


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