Football is one of the popular sports to bet on. Other sports that enjoy massive attention from bettors include horse racing, basketball, tennis, etc. But what happens when these sports are off-season, and no form of play is taking place or if players are unable to bet on sports due to one reason or the other. A perfect example of this is the lockdown measures put in place by the UK government to combat the deadly coronavirus pandemic. With all sporting activities suspended, all bettors turned to virtual sports in the UK to combat boredom and to also make money in the process.

Virtual sports betting is the latest trend in the sports betting industry. It is a computerized version of the sports you love betting on, only that the result of each match is decided by a computer algorithm and RNG (Random Number Generators). The betting markets of virtual sports vary from one sport to the other. Virtual sports are also more restricted than the real sporting events, but the options to bet on are quite numerous.

Launching sporting events virtually through computer software is blazing the trail in the online casino industry. It is also opening new ideas for both bettors and sportsbooks around the world. Almost all sports in the world have a virtual sports version. Some of the sports for which virtual sports exists include basketball, tennis, motorsports, dog racing, horse racing, football, and so many other sports.

Placing Bets on Virtual Sports

There is no special method for placing a bet on virtual sports. You place bets on virtual sports the same way you place bets on real sporting events. Just log into your betting account if you have one and if you don’t have any, you can start by registering with any bookmaker of your choice, fund the account and you are good to go. After logging on to your account, search for the ‘virtual tab’ in the catalogue of sports offered by the sportsbook and click on it. Once you click on the virtual tab, you will see all the virtual sports offered by the sportsbook.

Select the virtual sport you want to wager on to be redirected to the upcoming events of that virtual sport and the available markets to bet on. If it is a racing event like greyhounds, motor, and horse racing, you will most likely be offered markets like the reverse tricast, reverse forecast, tricast bets, forecast, each way forward and win.

Once the stake has been selected, add your stake and wager on the market you choose. Then sit back, relax and watch as the gameplay out. You will be paid if your bet is successful. Just like betting on real-life sporting events, betting on virtual sports is not easy.

One thing is sure in sports betting, complex sports usually have more markets and the same is true of virtual versions of the sports. Games like football, cricket, and American football offer more markets to bettors than simple events like horse racing. Virtual sports give you the chance to place wagers on the same markets you wager on in real-life sports.

Payout Limits for Virtual Sports

Unlike real-life sporting events, the maximum payout of virtual sports is limited. While bettors wagering on real sporting events get offers up to $1,000,000 in winnings from big sportsbooks around the world, the maximum winnings of the virtual sports are quite limited. In some cases, it goes as low as five figures.