White House Called Mike Pence To Make Him Apologize For Homophobic Jokes About Buttigieg

Mike Pence
Mike Pence

The White House dialed the number of Mike Pence saying that he should apologize for his joking homophobic remarks about transportation secretary. The White House is not taking the matter lightly as they publicly said that this joke by the former vice president was inappropriate and offensive.

Karine Jean-Pierre, the secretary of press for the White House has said that the homophobic joke made by the former vice president about Buttigieg, the secretary was inappropriate. She said that this is the reason why women face some other problems and become a punchline.  She said that Mike Pence should apologize right away for his remarks at the dinner party of Gridiron Club.

Mike Pence when he was performing among his colleagues at the Gridiron Club, jokingly said that the transportation secretary has gone to a maternity leave. This DC based program is aimed to bring politicians close to the journos and other officials of the government. Mike Pence in the set said that if Biden does not run for the president Buttigieg will surely get the post.

Buttigieg Joke Has Costed Mike Pence Dearly:

When the two children came to his life, Buttigieg went for a leave for months while plenty of travelers were harassed in airports. They found the traffic to be down and airplanes colliding. Mike Pence said that the transportation secretary is probably the only person in town who went to a leave for his babies and the rest of the people suffered the postpartum depression.

Buttigieg were the mayor of Indiana, South Bend and Mike Pence has been the governor of the state. Buttigieg have recently adopted two children with his partner and husband in 2021. He went to a two months leave for the infants.

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