Who is Sir Jim Ratcliffe, why is he linked to Mercedes F1 team?

Who is Sir Jim Ratcliffe?

From a humble background in Lancashire, 67-year-old James Ratcliffe used a degree in chemical engineering obtained at the University of Birmingham as a springboard for success in industry. He later honed his management skills at the London Business School.

He formed INEOS in 1998, and expanded it through a series of acquisitions in the petrochemicals field, notably involving former BP assets.

What does Ratcliffe do?

Ratcliffe is a 60% shareholder in and the chairman and CEO of INEOS plc, which employs an estimated 22,000 globally.

In 2017, he expanded from his core petrochemical interests with a £1bn investment to create an automotive division with the intention of marketing the 4WD Grenadier, which is based on the Land Rover Defender. He also owns the Belstaff brand, famous for its motorcycle clothing.

Why was Ratcliffe knighted?

Ratcliffe received his knighthood in the Queen’s Birthday Honours list in June 2018 for services to business and investment, just a few weeks after he was named by the Sunday Times as the UK’s richest man, with a fortune estimated at £21bn.

The news of his knighthood didn’t pass without controversy due to his connections with fracking, and later a move to Monaco as a tax exile also caused a stir among critics.

The INEOS logo on the…

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