Why EU’s big plans for supply chain resilience are unlikely to be big enough

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The rescheduling of today’s European Council summit in Brussels to next week is giving EU types time to look across the English Channel, watch the UK proposing travel permits for hauliers between one English county and another to stop chaos at the ports and think: we thought Brexit was a bad idea, but not that bad. The way things are going, Brexit will leave the EU largely intact but lead to Irish reunification, Scottish independence and a customs border between Kent and Surrey. Those in the British trucking industry say the permit idea is pointless: we’re not sure if that makes it better or worse. Still, it’s freedom.

Today’s main piece looks at the EU’s grand plans for supply chain resilience that the summit will be launching, about which we’re (surprise!) a bit sceptical. Tall tales focuses on the unwarranted European pessimism about what a Joe Biden presidency in the US means for trade. Our chart of the day considers concerns over food supply chains as deforestation increases.

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Is that EU, baby, or…

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