Why Marco Andretti believes he can win the Indy 500 this Sunday

DM: Regarding the pole run, did you know how close it was going to be, were you aware your second and third laps were slower than Dixon’s and so you had to do something special on Lap 4?

MA: No, I just saw from the speeds that it was going to be close. You’re so busy in the cockpit, picking out your turn-in points and getting ready to slide through the next corner because you’re so light on downforce, and altering your line depending on what lap you’re on because the tires are going away each lap. And then on the straights you’re making adjustments to the weightjacker according to which way the wind’s going and what you felt last time through. It never stops!

So looking at my speed I just knew it was going to be so close that the wind of the gods was going to decide it, whichever of us got the lucky gust. I can’t believe how close it was – but actually, I also can’t believe that 0.017mph is only the third closest margin at Indy! Isn’t that crazy? I was sure it was gonna be the closest.

It was obviously an awesome run, but the laps you turned on Saturday in the heat of the day to get through to the Fast Nine were just as impressive. Seems like your car is impervious to changing track conditions. Is that a good sign for this Sunday?

Yeah, that’s what I hope and I’m pretty…

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