Williams F1 can learn from Dorilton’s risk-taking mindset

Roberts says that Dorilton’s understanding of strategy and risk taking in other fields can be applied to the team as it seeks to improve its competitiveness.

Roberts joined as managing director in May, and he took over his current role after the departure of the Williams family last week, which followed the confirmation of the sale to Dorilton. He previously worked at McLaren for many years, and also had a spell at Force India.

“They’ve been around in the factory for just over a couple of weeks now,” said Roberts of the new owners.

“So I’ve spent quite a bit of time with them. And we’re looking at all of it, we’re reviewing everything, they’re really interested in what we do. This is all new to them, which is great.

“There are quite a lot of similarities, which I hadn’t appreciated until I talked to them about the competitiveness in the financial world – which I don’t really understand!

“But there’s a lot of translation in thinking, and strategy and risk and stuff like that, all the things that we think we’re great at in F1, they have quite an insight into. So there’s quite a lot of synergy there.”

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