Cambridge RISE Program Soon Going To Accept Application For 18 Months Stimulus Check Program

stimulus check

This program is specifically programmed for residents of Cambridge Massachusetts. The rise-up Cambridge application process starts on 1st June. An 18-month-long stimulus check program. This is different from other checks. Only a few will qualify for this. And the best part is if you are a resident of Cambridge. If and apply for these checks you will immediately know if you are eligible or not. Minneapolis also started this program in May. Families with at least one child will be given preference for this before anyone. Nearly $22 million worth is set to provide financial assistance to families.

What Are The Basic Requirements To Qualify For Stimulus Check?

This program aims to provide financial assistance to the most vulnerable families. The families were affected badly by covid 19 pandemic. And is still struggling to make ends meet. This stimulus check would provide them with economic stability. The checks they would be able to use in better opportunities, previously they might have to step back from it given the lack of financial support.

Some might be using health insurance. The lower-income families were greatly affected by the pandemic and later inflation. With spiking prices of everyday necessities brought more disaster to them.

If you are a Cambridge resident, and you are 18 years old with at least one member under 21 years old. There is a possibility you could qualify for this $500 worth of stimulus check. Again you need to qualify for the federal poverty level of income which is set to 250%. A family of two must earn $49,300 annually to qualify for this program. Again a family of three with $62,150. Only 2000 families will be selected to qualify for this program and get the benefit.