Sydney Sweeney’s Family Had An Uncomfortable Encounter With Her

sydney sweeney

It was very uncomfortable for her father and grandfather to watch Euphoria. Sydney Sweeney starred in the show as Casie. The show features nudity. And it was indeed uncomfortable for a father and grandfather to watch the daughter of their own family doing all those scenes.

They were excited to watch their daughter’s work. They were proud of her, receiving so much love and appreciation from the fans. However to her surprise both her father and grandfather decided to watch it. She wasn’t aware of this. They walked out when they first took the initiative to watch it together.

Sydney Sweeney Stretched Herself To Be Casie

To portray Casie, Sydney Sweeney had to go out of her comfort zone and release the madness. Casie is a broken character. Sydney enjoys being Casie. She had dug deeper into her character to know why and how’s. The way she behaves and reacts to things. She loved a little hard work portraying Casie.

Sydney Sweeney’s mother and grandmother are fans of hers. Her mother went to all the sets with her. She was aware of the scenes and the plot. Her grandmother knew the story. And when her father and grandparents were watching Euphoria. Her father and grandfather walked out of the living room. Her grandmother didn’t follow their lead. Her attitude was “She is doing a great job”.

She is her biggest supporter. She even took her grandmother to sets worldwide. She loved touring with her granddaughter.  Even her brother went to college and they used to have Euphoria-themed parties. These were the biggest moments of Sydney Sweeney’s life. Euphoria season three is coming in 2024. They began shooting for season 3 last February. Sydney Sweeney is excited to see what the upcoming season holds.