20-acre fire growing near Ogden Canyon damages power substation, threatens 72 structures

Rocky Mountain Power
Rocky Mountain Power

OGDEN — A double-digit real estate fire harmed a Rocky Mountain Power substation and undermined 72 structures close to the mouth of Ogden Canyon late Saturday night into Sunday morning.

Weber County dispatchers affirmed a functioning consumption in the region of 1300 Maxfield Drive. Authorities are alluding to it as the ninth Street Fire.

Utah Fire Info evaluated the burst to be around 20 sections of land. No departures had been requested as of 12:30 a.m. Sunday, but the fire threatened transmission lines and damaged a Rocky Mountain Power substation, Utah Fire Info said on Twitter.

Numerous witnesses to the fire reported seeing a brilliant glimmer of light shortly after 11:30 p.m., which a Rocky Mountain Power representative said likely originated from fallen high-voltage transmission lines approaching together as a result of the fire.

The incident made pieces of the Ogden zone lose power. However, it was re-established soon after 1 a.m., as per Rocky Mountain Power.

Moreover, Utah Fire said if departures are requested, the specialists will contact any individual who may be emptied.

“Continue to pay attention to the fire updates and be alert for any notifications from the county sheriff,” the agency wrote on Twitter.