Nope Revealed As The Title For Jordan Peele’s New Film


Nope was revealed to be the title of the upcoming release of Jordan Peele. The director who is well known for his thrillers released a coded teaser about his upcoming venture. Upon brainstorming his Twitter post, only the title could be revealed. He posted the picture of what seemed to be the poster of his film. 

Nope, Peele’s Upcoming Direction To Star Steven Yeun, Daniel Kaluuya & Keke Palmer

The only conclusion that could be derived from Peele’s teasing poster were few. The first one was the title. The second was the cast. The cast had an impressive lineup. Apart from Kaluuya, Yeun, Palmer, Brandon Perea & Barbie Ferreira will also be seen. The poster hinted at another particular conclusion. The film would center around what seemed to be some spooky clouds. 

Nope seems to be the fitting title for the film. The director promised the fans to anticipate something that has never been seen. He initiated his career working in the comedy genre. He mastered commendable success in the genre and now he wants to try something new. He has shifted his focus to horror. Peele got the Oscars for best screenplay. This made him the only black to achieve this feat. He got the award for his project, “Get Out”. 

Kaluuya is all set to lead the film once again. This is his second successive lead in Peele’s film. The first one was in Get Out. He has won the Oscar as a supporting actor for The Black Messiah. 

Rumors we’re earlier surfaced about who will be playing the villain. It is heavily speculated that Palmer could be the big bad of the film. However, no confirmation had yet been provided. Only time will tell whether the speculations see true or not. Nope is expected to have a release date in the July of 2022. 

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