2020 Summer Paralympics Opening Ceremony Will Feature Afghanistan Flag

2020 summer paralympics
2020 summer paralympics

In Japan, the 2020 Summer Paralympics are starting. The opening ceremony will feature Afghanistan’s flag to symbolize peach and solidarity. This is the 16th iteration of the Summer Paralympics.

The 2020 Summer Paralympics Will Be A Show Of Perseverance

The 2020 Summer Paralympics in Tokyo is being held after one year because of the coronavirus pandemic. Similar to the recently concluded Olympics, spectators will not be allowed for most of the events. Tokyo as well as surrounding prefectures are currently in an emergency state as medical services tackle a surge in coronavirus cases.

Andrew Parsons, the International Committee of Paralympics’ President, repeatedly assured that everything was being done to guarantee the safety of the 2020 Summer Paralympics. He also confirmed that the Afghan flag will be present in Tuesday’s opening ceremony. Afghan athletes have pulled out since their country is in turmoil and all flights have been canceled.

This week, the world’s eyes were on the airport at Kabul, as the capital fell to Taliban forces. Thousands are desperately trying to run away from their government. Parsons said that the inclusion of the Afghan flag will signify peace and solidarity with the Afghan refugees. In Afghanistan, fears are rife that the Taliban regime means an end to the country’s sportswomen. They fear being punished brutally if they were to compete.

On 8th August, Japan bid adieu as the 2020 Olympics ended. The event was considered a success even though several scandals were plaguing it in the background due to surging COVID cases.

The hosts are now geared up for welcoming thousands of more athletes with the start of the 2020 Summer Paralympics. The event will end on 5th September. In the Olympics, 97% of the events had no spectators. The 2020 Summer Paralympics is expected to have a similar guideline.