2023 NFL Combined: From Draft Prospects To Fastest 40s – Everything Fans Need To Know

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2023 NFL Mock Draft

2023 NFL Combine drills are currently ongoing in Indianapolis last Friday. The whole football World and watchful eyes of the fans are already there, and the best of the game are showcasing their skills in front of the teams. Thursday, it started with different linebackers and linemans. Pass catchers and quarterbacks are scheduled on Saturday. The offensive lineman and the running backs will come on Sunday. However, Friday the show is all about safeties and cornerbacks. If you are interested in players in those positions, come back later.

Here are things you will be interested in about Friday’s draft.

Defensive Backs Of 2023 NFL: 

Miller: The 2023 safety class haven’t managed to gain any attention from the NFL scouts in the drafts. However the overall performance by the safeties wasn’t safe enough to secure spots for them.

Reid: where the safeties failed, the cornerbacks of the Friday draft pleased the clubs. The depth in the position was something fans were talking about the whole season. This year, they haven’t failed to deliver and justified the hype around them. As far as our experts are concerned, five corners are going to enter in the first round. Then fifteen will go out by the completion of the 3rd round.

Darius Rush:

Darius Rush has been the biggest riser from Friday’s auction. He is a CB and has been a standout performer in the auction. His practice in the senior Bowl has proven fruitful to him. Rush rushed for 4.53 seconds to complete the 40 yd dash and it needn’t be said that the evaluators were impressed by that score. Darius has a route selection capability above average and his past years as a wide receiver have helped him greatly in this year’s 2023 NFL draft.