2023 Tax Rebates In Georgia Amounting To $500 Being Delivered

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Some of the 2023 tax rebates in the state of Georgia are now being delivered to state citizens who qualify for them. This comes after a recent dispatch from the state of almost $1Bn in excess tax funds. This will be the second instance of Georgia issuing bonus payments to qualifying residents.

What Are The 2023 Georgia Tax Rebates?

In the previous year, when the erstwhile “stimulus checks” had been popular, Georgia had been one of the 20 US states that decided to return several billion dollars in excess tax revenue to its taxpayers. Governor Brian Kemp released a statement with regard to the excess tax refunds of 2023.

He said that his state, Georgia, will once more be able to give out excess tax rebates. He attributes this ability to continuous sessions of conservative, responsible budgeting as well as their choice to protect livelihoods as well as lives while the pandemic was ongoing. The 2023 tax rebates of Georgia are largely due to particular legislation, termed House Bill 162.

This bill issues a tax credit (or, an excess tax rebate), that is only claimable once, for every individual taxpayer in Georgia. However, they must have filed their IT returns for the state during both tax years 2021 as well as 2022. Further, to qualify for the present tax rebate, your filing should have been before the deadline date of April 18th, 2023. For those who received extensions, the filing must be done before October 16th of this year.

Another condition to qualify is to have a liability in taxes for the tax year of 2021. As per what’s provided on Georgia’s website for excess tax refunds, residents (part-year as well), and non-residents of the state have a chance at receiving a tax rebate.