$500 Stimulus Check For Residents Of Iowa

recession Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

Although the federal government has stopped delivering stimulus checks, states and towns continue to provide citizens tailored payments.

West Liberty, Iowa is the latest community to announce that people will get stimulus checks. Iowa will contribute $700 to the stimulus fund. The funds will be distributed to workers who were not eligible for federal stimulus checks. West Liberty city council members opted to press forward with a proposal to distribute stimulus funds to around 200 households. The idea has been agreed upon by the council members, but it still has to be properly publicized. By June 21, a formal decision on the plan is expected. Workers who were not qualified for federal stimulus benefits will get Iowa stimulus checks.

Eligible Iowa Residents Will Get A Stimulus Check 

Once the formal plan is accepted, foreign employees would get stimulus checks from Iowa. It is unclear when the workers will receive their pay at this time.

Some council members believe that $700 is insufficient and city employees should be paid around $1,400. These council members want to keep pushing for a larger stimulus package. The city will mail the stimulus payments using around $147,000 in American Rescue Plan funding.

The newest stimulus checks from Iowa might be tremendously useful for employees once the program is finally authorized, especially with inflation at historic highs. The inflation rate in May hit 8.6 percent, the most since December 1981, according to figures from the US Department of Labor. Meanwhile, residents of Maine and Mexico will be receiving stimulus payments later this month.

Maine taxpayers who submitted their state income tax returns for the year 2021 will get $850 stimulus checks. Residents must have submitted their tax returns by October 31 and not be claimed as a dependant on someone else’s tax return to be eligible for the payout. This month, New Mexico will also deliver tax refunds. Single taxpayers will receive a $250 payout, while joint filers will receive $500. To get the tax rebate, eligible residents do not need to fill out an application.