7 Best Food Markets in Europe 

Food Markets
Food Markets

Where to go for the freshest local products and excellent street food? We have gathered 7 European markets, which have turned into trendy food courts. 

  •       Boqueria in Barcelona

Address: Rambla, 91 

The main market of the capital of Catalonia is located on the most touristy and noisy boulevard of La Rambla. There, you will find fresh marine reptiles and bundles of jamon, a lot of different cheeses, and even caramelized insects. Part of the market works like a food court, where you can enjoy all this splendor sipping a glass of wine . Boquería is generally quite poppy, but do not rush to roll your eyes! Sneak inside here just before closing time: there aren’t so many people, and sellers are offering generous discounts – grab a portion of fried fish or oysters for a couple of euros. 

  •       Time Out Market in Lisbon

Address: Av. 24 de Julho 49 

The Mercado da Ribeira fish market was reborn into a trendy food court a few years ago. There are 26 restaurants, 8 bars, a dozen shops, and the best sellers of meat, fish, fruits, and flowers in the city under one roof. All dishes in establishments – from burgers to nigiri – were appreciated and approved by respected experts, so be sure that you may not try any of them outside this particular market. If you need a specific recommendation, then here it is Chef Alexandre Silva’s restaurant and his innovative look at Portuguese cuisine. Besides, on the second floor of the market, there is a cozy coworking. Finding the Time Out Market is easy, it is situated across the road from Cais do Sodre Station. 

  •       Östermalms Saluhall in Stockholm

Address: Östermalmstorg, 114 

The Östermalms Saluhall indoor market has a rich history: the building was built back in 1880. Now it is closed for large-scale restoration, but very soon, it promises to open its doors again. While the market is located in a temporary pavilion nearby. Here, you can try the thrilling Swedish cuisine: venison, moose, salmon, tuna, or meat soup. Visit the Lisa Elmqvist cafe for the best fish dishes – the establishment has been open since the 1920s. Now the fourth generation of the Elmqvist family is working there, so they managed to bring their recipes and techniques to perfection. 

  •       The Bessarabian market in Kiev

Address: Bessarabskaya Square, 2 

The place has been operating in the center of Kyiv for more than a hundred years. On the last anniversary, the market launched a commendable initiative – decided to abandon plastic and polyethylene. In addition to rows with fruits, vegetables, and other food, right inside the market, there are several points with inexpensive and tasty fast food. Our favorites are the stylish Vietnamese Hi with excellent pho, the vegetarian Green13, and the Tsypa beer shop. 

  •       Mercado Central in Valencia

Address: Plaza del Mercado 6 

To start, check out the very building of the central market of Valencia – this is a real architectural gem, with stained glass windows and aerial arches. Counters are bursting with fruits, berries, cheeses, and fresh seafood. Also, the market works like a food court. If you can’t choose a point for a snack (an embarrassment of the riches!), head for the Central Bar – the Michelin chef Ricardo Camarena owns the place. Here, they adhere to the philosophy of “zero kilometers,” i.e., food is cooked only of local products. Connoisseurs recommend trying cod pancakes or grilled squids. 

  •       Torvehallerne in Copenhagen

Address: Frederiksborggade 21 

The stylish and atmospheric market in Copenhagen is located next to the Nørreport station. Inside there are 80 outlets and a real expanse for hunters of smorrebrods. Pay attention to the Hija de Sanchez restaurant (even though they don’t serve herring here): local tacos are officially recognized as the best street food in Europe. If, after a walk along Torvehallerne, you haven’t eaten up, here, you can check the list of other venues in the city with street food. 

  •       Markthalle IX in Berlin

Address: Eisenbahnstraße 42/43 

In some areas of Berlin, historical covered markets have survived, and they still successfully cope with their original task – to feed the townspeople. Markthalle IX is one of the important points of attraction for food hunters in the multinational Kreuzberg; here, you can find almost any cuisine in the world. On Thursdays, they arrange Street Food Thursday, having jumped on which you will understand that Berlin street food is not only sausages and kebabs. For dinner, we recommend that you go to the Markthalle Restaurant (Pücklerstraße 34): they use only seasonal local products and cook according to traditional recipes – even beer is brewed directly in the same building a floor below. Menu with prices you will find at their site. 


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