House Judiciary Committee Asks Jeff Bezos To Testify About Whether Amazon Misled Congress

Wall Street Journal wrote an article that implies that Amazon might have been lying to Congress. The House Judiciary Committee has ordered Amazon CEO to testify. The Democratic-led committee has informed Amazon CEO Jeff Bazos, that if he does not testify, he will face a subpoena.

Wall Street Journal’s Reports On Amazon’s Use Of Third-party Seller Data Shows That Amazon Might Have Misled The Congress

In a letter to Bezos, seven bipartisan leaders have referred to the article by Wall Street Journal that shows that Amazon uses the third party seller data. The report was formed after interviewing about 20 former Amazon employees. The investigation proved that the company uses easily identifiable third party data to understand which products to make for itself. Nate Sutton’s comment in a July hearing, in front of the House Antitrust Committee, is in stark contrast to the report submitted by the Journal. 

Amazon’s stocks fell by 7%, the day after the report. The company has said that it will donate $4 billion Q2 profit for the coronavirus fund. Bezos is the only CEO, belonging to the big 4 companies Google, Facebook, and Apple, who hasn’t testified in front of Congress. 

The letter to Bezos was signed by David Cicilline, who is the Vice-Chairman of the House Antitrust Committee, along with top Republican James Sensenbrenner of Wisconsin, and Joe Neguse D-Colo., the subcommittee Vice Chairman. 

The House Judiciary Chairman says that if the reports are correct then it raises deep concern regarding Amazon’s lack of honesty in its previous testimony. This issue is supposed to be the most significant in the investigation. No immediate representative from Amazon was available, but a spokesperson was heard to comment that it is incorrect to imply that Amazon was downright lying and trying to mislead the Congress. 


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