Adam Kinzinger Expects Giuliani To Testify

Adam Kinzinger
Adam Kinzinger

Several bipartisan figures on the congressional committee- which involves Adam Kinzinger- that have been investigating the Capitol Riots have stated that Rudy Giuliani will have to comply with the subpoena delivered. Giuliani has been one of the many individuals inside Trump’s sphere who have so far completely refused to cooperate with the House panel that has been looking into the efforts of subversion by Trump and the Capitol insurrection on the 6th of January.

The Capitol Riots, as everyone knows, went on to claim five separate lives. Giuliani was recently scheduled to testify last Tuesday after the committee went on to issue a subpoena the previous month.

Adam Kinzinger Is Hopeful That Giuliani Would Provide Information

Elaine Luria, one of the many colleagues of Adam Kinzinger and one of the members of the select committee, stated that Giuliani had been in touch recently. This definitely confirmed the substance of a report from the New York Times which claimed that Rudy had been in talks about options which included an in-person interview or submitting to a deposition. 

Adam Kinzinger’s colleague informed MSNBC that he had been in contact with the select committee. She further explained that he had an appearance that had been rescheduled but he continued to remain under subpoena- with people expecting him to fully cooperate with the investigation that was underway. Kinzinger, the Republican from Illinois and another member of the committee indicated that Giuliani was ready to comply with the demands of the committee. 

Adam Kinzinger added that there could be some changes to the date and moments, as lawyers frequently went about the Socratic method, but they were fully expecting a deposition within the constraints of the law. But regardless of how they heard from Rudy, or how long the interview went, they will definitely be receiving a horde of information that would be quite fruitful to their attempts of wrapping the investigation up.

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