ADDYY Has Been Given A Rating Of Buy By Analysts


The stocks of ADDYY have been given a rating of buy from a previous rating of hold by analysts on Tuesday. According to a report, the firm has a price target of $203 on it, as set by the brokerage. The price target set by Zacks Investment Research indicates an increase of 11.88% from the previous close of the company. 

The Stock Commentary Of ADDYY

There have been quite a few research reports commenting on the stocks of ADDYY. Piper Sandler has already reaffirmed a rating of neutral in a 3rd March research report. Credit Suisse Group has also reiterated its rating of neutral in a 13th of May research report. Societe Generale has increased the price rating of the company from hold to buy in an 11th March research note.

The Royal Bank of Canada has put up a rating of sector perform in a 26th February research report. Jefferies Financial has also installed a rating of buy from a rating of hold in a 12th April research report. 

Eight of the investment analysts have already provided the company with a rating of hold, while eight others have given the company a rating of buy. Currently, ADDYY has a buy rating with a price target of $203. 

The stocks of ADDYY traded on Tuesday at $0.29. The debt-to-equity ratio of the company is 0.33, with a 1.54 current ratio, and a 0.88 quick ratio. The moving average price of the company over a period of fifty days is $169.70. The year low of the company is $128.31, with a year high of around $186.81. The market cap of the company is $71.11 billion, with a 60.68 PE ratio, and a 0.84 beta. 

ADDYY previously updated its quarterly reports on the 9th of March. The EPS reported by the company is $0.40, with the consensus estimate of $0.40.