Democrat Terry McAuliffe Wins Big In Nomination For Governor In Virginia

Terry McAuliffe
Terry McAuliffe

Terry McAuliffe won an easy primary victory to set up a race against Glenn Youngkin, the Republican Governor of Virginia. He crossed the first hurdle on Tuesday with a comfortable win. It was an easy victory over his two major rivals, State Senator Jennifer McClellan, and former state Del. Jennifer Carroll Foy.

He won around 60% of the votes in a 5-pronged race and has been the favorite since entering the ring last December. He has come to be the first candidate in decades serving several times as the top executive in a state that prevents consecutive terms for governors.

Virginia is one of the states holding the gubernatorial elections in an off-year right after the presidential elections. The elections are being closely monitored as it could indicate trends in the following midterm elections.

Terry McAuliffe Goes After Governor

After his win, Terry McAuliffe directly attacked Republican business Glenn Youngkin as he linked him to former President Donald Trump. He said that Youngkin could not be allowed to do what the former president has done for the country.

He found it ridiculous that Youngkin should say that he is in the reckoning because of the former president. He added that while Youngkin is in the race because of Trump, he is in running for the people of the state.

The Republican camp responded that they aim to expose Terry McAuliffe’s long list of misdeeds and unkept promises.

The former governor came in as a front runner.  He has strong fundraising capabilities and enjoys total recall in the state. And he gave no indication of waning popularity.

His opponents are banking on the fact that incumbents rarely go for the seat again in Virginia. His opponents attacked him for not delivering on previous promises.

McAuliffe said that he had a long conversation with President Biden before his win and he had pledged his total support to his candidature.

Though traditionally Republican, Virginia has gradually shifted to the Democratic camp ever since Obama won here both in 2008 and 2012.