Afghanistan Overland Evacuation Story


One of the senior officials from the State Department of the United States of America gave a statement on the recent evacuation process that took place in Afghanistan that was carried out by the concerned officials of the country. It was stated that a total of four American citizens were evacuated overland. The route led to a third country. The statement was given on the 6th of September that fell on a Monday. 

Afghanistan Crisis

In the statement, it was also mentioned that the people at the American embassy that is situated in the third world country, warmly greeted those four evacuated people from Afghanistan. The statement from Monday also confirmed the fact that the method used by the officials to evacuate those people were used for the first time ever. Markwayne Mullin, a Representative from the state of Oklahoma also gave an additional statement on the matter. He is a politician belonging to the Republican Party.

The Republican Representative is a member of one of the NGOs that is concerned with the evacuation process of Afghanistan. The group involves contractors, military people, and former members of the special forces. The Representative also confirmed that the four people who were evacuated were a woman and three of her children

. They are the residents of the city of Amarillo situated in the state of Texas. Representative Mullin also stated that he was in touch with the women throughout the evacuation process. It was before and after they were taken out of Afghanistan. He also gave a detailed account of the journey they had to take from Kabul to the country’s border. They had to go through a total of over 20 checkpoints controlled by the Taliban.  

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