Angelina Jolie And Daughters At “Eternals” Premiere

Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie has been roped in by Marvel Studios for their upcoming film. Jolie has always been a talented actress in Hollywood. She started her acting career at a fairly young age. Jolie is famously known for her versatile acting prowess. 

Apart from her looks and physical fitness, she also has several other talents. Jolie has produced a few films and is currently a social activist. Angelina recently visited the White House. She met a number of dignitaries and discussed Abortion Rights. 

However, Angelina Jolie is currently focussing on her acting career. She will be portraying an important role in Eternals. The premiere of the movie has been conducted recently. Jolie was spotted along with her kids. Let us find out more about the incident below. 

Angelina Jolie And Daughters Attend “Eternals” Premiere 

Jolie has been roped in by Marvel Studios to shoot for Eternals. She would be playing an important role in the movie. Thena would be the character Jolie is playing in the film. As not many days are left for the movie release, promotions and premieres are on a roll. The event in Rome was conducted recently. 

Jolie appeared with some adorable accompaniment at the show. The actress took two of her daughters, Shiloh & Zahara along with her. Both her daughters were almost of the same age with Zahara(16) being older than Shiloh(15). Pictures from the event show Angelina Jolie holding her daughters while posing for the camera. 

As it turns out, Angelina Jolie’s daughters also seem to have a great fashion sense. They sported attires that made them look stunningly adorable. Sahara sported a long gown which was white and Grecian in style. The gown had a halter neckline which was decorated with straps of gold. Shiloh flaunted her short black attire in style. The minidress was perfectly combined with a bow of leather at the front. “Eternals” is scheduled for a theatrical release on 5th November. 

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