Sweet Tooth, A Sweet Take On The Post-Apocalyptic World

Sweet Tooth
Sweet Tooth

Sweet Tooth is the new series that hit the streaming channel, Netflix, recently. It is about a world after a severe pandemic. The series is based on the comic by Jeff Lemire. It revolves around the life of a boy and the struggles he goes through in order to make him survive in the post-apocalyptic world. The drama series is developed by Jim Mickle, the American director who also directed the movie, Stakeland. 

Sweet Tooth Teaches “Hope”

Gus, the little boy, has deer-like antlers and he is sweet as a puppy. He witnessed the world descending into chaos but he decided to face everything with a strong sense of optimism. The main character of the Sweet Tooth is designed in such a way that he gets perky ears every time he comes across the words, candy apples or chocolates. Despite his innocent features, there is something very important that he teaches the viewers. And that is to never lose hope when things unfold for the worst. The thought is extremely necessary at a time when the entire world is dealing with a post-pandemic phase.  

The viewers will find the setup of Sweet Tooth is quite familiar. There is a leftover world and the survivors are doing everything in their power to rebuild their world. The left number humanity is divided into two. On one hand, some are making efforts to rebuild the society, a resemblance of what was before, from what is left, while the others are doing things forcefully. The thing about Sweet Tooth is that the pandemic has led hybrids of humans and animals to appear in society as the children of humans. It is about the survival of these things who are hated by the most.

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