Ann Coulter Dismisses Trump As ‘Abjectly Stupid’ And Accuses Him Of Betraying His Base

ann coulter
ann coulter

Ann Coulter tore into former President Trump for betraying his support base and abject stupidity at his incompetence to complete the border wall.

Conservative Ann Coulter’s book In Trump We Trust, E Pluribus Awesome!, was a definitive case made out for electing Trump to office in 2016. But since her eulogy to the President-elect, she has turned from a firebrand right-wing to a hard critic of Trump.

Ann Coulter admitted in her interview that she was aware of Trump’s character but still went along with him because he promised to halt the wave of immigrants coming in across the southern Mexican border by building a border wall.

Ann Coulter Regrets Not Realizing Trump’s Stupidity

She said that she was quite familiar with his narcissistic and vulgar nature and how ruthlessly ambitious he was. But she regretted that she had failed to detect his inherent stupidity.

Ann Coulter attacked Trump for not making good on his promise and betraying his supporters, people who have waited their whole life for a leader who cared about them.

Ann Coulter said that she had argued with journalists during the 2016 elections who said that Trump would never deliver on his promise of building a wall on the southern border. She had then argued that Trump would build a wall if that is the last thing he did.

Ann Coulter says that she believed that Trump would never get reelected if he reneged on his promise. She says that she had not realized that he would be stupid enough to back out of the one thing on which he had been elected.

Ann Coulter had been critical of the former president during his tenure and has become more vocal in her criticism since his defeat. She had attacked Trump in 2018 for attacking Jeff Sessions, the Attorney General, the only person she believes was doing things right about illegal immigrants.

She had called him a retard for telling voters not to support Jeff Sessions during his election for the Senate seat from Alabama. Ann Coulter had also attacked Trump for seeking funds for Space Force, instead of concentrating on the Mexican wall.

She had praised President Biden for getting troops out of Afghanistan, a promise the former president had initially made.

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