Ahmaud Arbery: Detective Testifies Gregory McMichael Never Saw Jogger Commit Crime

ahmaud arbery
ahmaud arbery

A detective with the Glynn County PD has testified that accused Gregory McMichael admitted that he did not see Ahmaud Arbery commit any crime. Detective Marcy was the 6th witness called by the prosecution to the trial.

Ahmaud Arbery, 25, was chased down and killed without provocation by Gregory, son Travis, and William Bryan Jr. on February 23 last year. They killed the jogger on the mere suspicion that he resembled a burglar.

Defense attorneys have tried to pass off the murder as a ‘citizen’s arrest’ of a suspect after the murderers suspected him of being behind an intrusion at a site under construction in the neighborhood. The whole incident was caught on camera by a car following behind.

Gregory shot dead Ahmaud Arbery as he and Travis wrestled over a shotgun. Detective Marcy read from a transcript of an interview with Gregory in which he admitted to seeing video footage of the incident in which a person that he believed resembled Ahmaud Arbery was walking around a construction site. The site had no windows and doors for more than a year.

Gregory admitted to the detective that he did not think that the person had stolen anything. The only reason for suspicion was that the person kept going into the house repeatedly.

Detective Testifies That Ahmaud Arbery’s Killer Did Not Talk Of ‘Citizen’s Arrest’

Gregory saw Ahmaud Arbery jogging in the neighborhood on the day of the murder, grabbed his gun, and along with his son chased him down in their car. He said that they intended to detain him, but did not speak of any ‘citizen’s arrest,’ neither did he use the words ‘trespass or ‘detain.’

Gregory was found with blood on his hands when he checked on Ahmaud Arbery for arms as he lay dying on the street. Bryan, the third accused, hit Arbery with his truck. The three men were allowed to walk free and were arrested only after a video of the incident went viral.

The three have been charged with felony murder, malice, and aggravated assault, false imprisonment, and criminal attempt at false imprisonment. All the 3 accused have pleaded not guilty to the charges.