Apple Insider Reveals Surprise New iPhone 12 Release

iHacktu, an Apple insider has exposed that the iPhone 12 line-up will be the quickest flagship iPhone display in years. Apple has a couple of launch events for 2020 where the latest iPhones, the first Apple Silicon Macs, and Apple Watch will be revealed.

According to iHacktu, the iPhone 12 launch will be on 8th September. Apple will also announce the 6th gen Apple Watch and AirPower wireless charging mat.

Next will be a hardware event on 27th October to launch the Apple Silicon-based Macs and probably Apple Glass too.

It’s a shocker how Apple avoided a setback. They have stepped up the launch rather. All while a global pandemic is wreaking havoc on manufacturing. It will be interesting to see how supply in the weeks following the release turns up. Previous reports say units might not be in full supply until after November.

Despite all worries, the new launches will sell like hotcakes for sure. The line-up will be Apple’s first 5G iPhones delivering the most significant design change in 3 generations. They will also undercut rivaling prices for the first time in Apple history.
Now that you know the dates, start saving some moolah!


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