Trump is behind in a state no Republican has won the presidency without in 96 years

New polls released by CNN and Quinnipiac University has shown that Trump is way behind Biden in Florida, a state that has been crucial in electing Republican presidents in the history of U.S, excepting the 1924 elections. The polls showed 51% to 46% and 51% to 38% respectively in the two polls.

There are still a few more weeks to go but the warring of words has already begun. And as history has told us, a lead in Florida could change the ruling party in the White House.

Past polls conducted throughout the 1st of July has shown a consistent lead for the Democratic candidate, Joe Biden.

In the past weeks, polls from Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan have also shown a lead for Biden from 6% to even 10%. Biden is also ahead by 5% in Arizona. However, several past elections have shown that Florida has a polarised voting crowd, as no candidate wins it by a good margin.

The race is quite close. Considering the COVID-19 pandemic, it is unlikely that Trump’s numbers will change in Florida. Florida has been one of the worst-hit in the county.

In the past months, the pandemic and Trump’s handling of the situation has been a harsh point of criticism for him.

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