Arizona Democratic Party HQ building fire was arson, police say

On Thursday, the Democratic Party headquarters in Arizona were burned overnight. Police officials have determined that the incidence is a case of arson. 

The investigators collected surveillance footage from buildings nearby and have concluded that the incident was caused by a human. Fortunately, no one was harmed in the incident. 

Felicia Rotellini stated that the fire has given them further inspired them to work harder and turn the state blue. She is a representative from the Democratic party’s Arizona base. 

Pictures from the scene were uploaded on Twitter. It shows broken and scorched walls with collapsing ceilings. Other pictures were taken from outside where the damage is not much visible. However, a heavy presence of investigators can be seen. 

Maricopa County was also housed in the, now burned, building. The party representatives lamented saying that several valuable documents and memorabilia have been lost in the fire. 

Kelli Ward, chairwoman for the Republican Party in Arizona released a statement condemning the incident. She added, “political leaders should take this opportunity to remind Arizonans of all backgrounds that while we may have differences, ultimately we are all Americans and must treat each other as such.”