Jimmy Carter And Wife’s Picture With The Bidens Lead To Trolls Over Social Media

Jimmy Carter
Jimmy Carter

Social media went bizarre over the recent picture of President Joe Biden and the first lady, Jill Biden. The Bidens were not the only ones in the frame. There were two more people, Jimmy Carter, the former American President, and Rosalynn Carter, the former first lady. What caused a frenzy in social media was the weirdness of the height difference in the picture. The photo is taken at such an angle that it makes the Bidens almost look like giants.

Jimmy Carter Lives In A “Dollhouse”

The photo was shared by the Carter center over the social media platform, Twitter. Jimmy Carter and Rosalynn Carter had been visited by the Bidens last week in Georgia. The picture reveals both the couples without any masks. The acting President was wearing a blue suit while the first lady was in an elegant dress. 

The caption that was given by the Carter Center over the tweet was a lovely one. It said that they were happy to receive the Bidens and their union with both Jimmy Carter and Mrs. Carter. The caption also expressed their gratitude to the guests for paying the visit.

The picture attracted numerous viewers who could not help but notice the difference of height that appeared to be extremely weird between the Bidens and the Carters. The 93-year old former first lady, who was seated, appeared to be a dwarf in front of President Biden.

Similarly, the 96-year old Jimmy Carter looked extremely small in front of the first lady who sat on her knees beside him with their hands holding each other. By looking at the picture., it is hard to believe the fact that the former President was 5feet 10 inches once. So many accounts came forth to share the picture with humorous captions. Refinery 29 wrote that it looked like the Carters live in some kind of a dollhouse.